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Gifts for Business Travelers

Gadgets and Accessories for Road Warriors


Looking for a great gift for a road warrior on your list? Look no further than this roundup of great gift ideas for business travelers.

1. Day Pass to an Airport Lounge

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If you know an airline or airport that a business traveler frequents, give the gift of relaxation with a day pass to an airport lounge. Looking for a more extravagant gift? You can always purchase a year-long membership or special services (like spa treatments) at select lounges around the world.

2. The Chargepod Multi-Device Charger

Chargepod by Callpod
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Charging up to six devices at once, the handy Chargepod is a must-have gadget for any road warrior. Select power adapters to complete this personalized purchase.

3. GPS System

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Help the business traveler stay on the right path with a new GPS system. Choose from hand-held pedestrian options as well as systems for the car.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Help the business traveler tune out the rest of the world with a pair of noise-canceling headphones from audio giant, Bose.
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5. Resistance Bands

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Any fitness buff will appreciate being able to stash these portable bands in a suitcase for on-the road toning. Just make sure the person you're gifting these to actually likes exercise before you buy!
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6. Cashmere Wrap

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Every traveling woman will appreciate having a cozy wrap along for the journey. Great as a pillow or blanket substitute in a pinch, a wrap will also add style and warmth to the business traveler's wardrobe.

More Clothing Essentials for Women

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7. Electric Shaver

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After enough delayed flights and non-existent hotel reservations, business travelers generally learn how to groom in transit. Make it easier with an electric shaver that can be used as easily in an airplane loo as at home.
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8. Atomic Watch

Casio Men's Atomic Watch
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For the bi-coastal road warrior, an atomic watch will keep him on time (in the right time zone) without any watch setting - or thinking! Gift to the forgetful business traveler you love.
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9. TSA-Friendly Laptop Sleeve

Skooba Skin Laptop Sleeve
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You can buy a special TSA-approved laptop bag (with the generally high price tag) or you can gift a laptop sleeve, now also approved to breeze through airport security. Many come with straps or handles to lower the risk of laptop "droppage," and in as many and colors and styles as you can imagine.
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10. Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Kindle Wireless Reader
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The business traveler may have plenty of work to do on the road, but diversions are always welcome! Save trees - and space in her carry-on - by gifting a travel-friendly Kindle. These cool, electronic readers hold more than 200 titles and can download worldwide newspapers, books, blogs and more with wireless connectivity. It might be hard to give this gift away!
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