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Best Smartphones for Business Travelers


It’s never been more important to stay in touch with the world when you’re traveling. That’s where today’s smartphones come in. While you may bring along a laptop or netbook on a business trip, most advanced cell phones provide enough features to enable business travelers to call, email, text and interact with customers, partners and fellow employees around the globe.

Let’s take a look at some of the best smartphones for business travelers.

Apple iPhone 3GS


Apple’s iPhone, especially the latest 3GS version, is definitely one of the best smartphones for business travelers. It sports a clean, sleek design with an excellent, desktop-class web browser. In addition to WiFi and GPS functionality, the phone offers the broadest assortment of downloadable third-party business (and non-business) applications. I use one all the time to track my mileage. The latest iPhone 3GS version also adds new remote wipe and security capabilities perfect for organizations concerned about lost phones or lost data.

Palm Pre


Want a smartphone but don’t like touchscreen keyboards? Then perhaps the Palm Pre is the one for you. The Pre has both a separate physical keyboard and a slick little touch screen. The phone sports a nice multi-tasking operating system that allows you to switch between open applications easily (something you can’t do with the iPhone). It also supports WiF, but has limited third-party application availability and no remote wipe capability if the phone is lost.

BlackBerry Tour 9630


RIM was one of the earliest players in the smartphone arena, and the continuing popularity of its BlackBerry smartphones proves it’s still a contender. The BlackBerry Tour 9630 is a great choice for existing BlackBerry users or users that like a solid, physical keyboard for fast thumb action. The BlackBerry Tour has strong enterprise integration capabilities. It also has an integrated GPS, but lacks WiFi. However, BlackBerry’s new Bold 9700 is a very similar unit and includes WiFi.

HTC Ozone


The HTC Ozone is a solid, entry-level business smartphone. In addition to WiFi, the phone includes GPS capabilities and good email and messaging-oriented features. Since it supports GSM, the phone is also appropriate for travelers heading overseas.

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