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iGo powerXtender

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iGo travelXtender Battery Operated Charger
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The Bottom Line

In a pinch, having the iGo travel charger can be a lifesaver. It is a small, battery-operated charger that will allow you to give emergency power to a gadget on the go. However, the power output is minimal, so the iGo cannot replace all of your chargers on a trip.
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  • Gives you emergency "juice" when no outlet is available
  • Allows you to charge in-flight
  • Compact - easy to transport
  • Interchangeable power tips will work with multiple gadgets
  • Reusable - just change the batteries


  • Takes a long time to charge
  • Batteries do not last for multiple charges
  • Can be costly if you need multiple power tips


  • Small (4 1/2" by 2") charger with interchangeable power tips.
  • Requires two (2) AA batteries.
  • Provides power to gadgets without wires or outlets.
  • A completely "dead" gadget will take some time to charge. (After 1/2 hour, my nearly dead Motorola RAZR had half its power.)
  • Depending on battery and gadget type, as well as the length of charge, you can charge more than one device.
  • Cost: $15.99 for the base charger (and initial AA batteries), plus $9.99 for each power tip.
  • Power tips are available for most cell phones and PDAs

Guide Review - iGo powerXtender

When stuck at the airport (or on board) with no outlet in sight, the iGo has gotten me out of a few jams. Assuming you remember to keep new batteries in the device, you can get enough juice to your phone or PDA to get a few more hours of work.

Because most of my travel gadgets use the same small USB port to charge, I only had to purchase one charger tip. For those requiring numerous adapters, the appeal of the iGo may be diminished, as you'll have to worry about toting (and keeping track of) multiple, tiny adapter tips.

With one set of AA batteries, I was able to give my phone about half of its power back, on two separate occasions. Both times, it took approximately a half hour to provide this much power. One note of warning, the on off switch on the side of the device can be easily switched on, so be careful that it is in a safe location to avoid drain on the batteries.

While the iGo is great to have in an emergency, it would be nice if it had a bit more power. However, because of its easy portability and versatility, I keep one in my travel bag at all times.

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