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A Review of the Paper Shower

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A Review of the Paper Shower
Paper Shower

The Bottom Line

The Paper Shower is a combination of wet and dry pre-packaged towelettes that's positioned to be a 'refreshing body wipe on the go.' That's basically what it is. After having a chance to check it out, I'm impressed. The towelettes are strong, held a good amount of liquid, and easily absorbed left over moisture from wet towelette. Good to note that the product is not anti-bacterial, which basically means it isn't loaded with alcohol to dry out your skin.


  • Slim and easy to take with you anywhere
  • Allows you to wipe up and dry off easily, and discretely
  • Sturdy, and absorbent paper for wiping up
  • Generous sized towelettes
  • Unscented


  • A little strange. Useful and practical, but strange
  • Doesn't help clean your hair


  • A combination of a moist towelette and dry towelette in two attached, but separate packages
  • 9 inch by 12 inch sized towelettes
  • Don't flush!
  • Ingredients are mostly water, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, and more
  • Partially made from recycled materials

Guide Review - A Review of the Paper Shower

This is a weird product. But it's pretty darn functional. Maybe you don't run into this problem, but when I travel, it's easy to get overheated running to departure gates, carrying my overloaded luggage from one end of the airport to another, or simply hoofing it to the car rental location. That's where Paper Shower comes in.

The Paper Shower is a unique product that allows you to freshen up easily without having to hit the actual shower. Instead, Paper Shower is a combination of two little packages (about 2 inches by 4 inches and very thin). One contains a nice, moist towelette for wiping off your arms, neck, face, or any areas that are sweaty or hot (that's the shower part). The second container has a dry version of the same towelette that you can follow up with, wiping off (just like a normal towel) after the moist one. That's the "paper" part.

This might not be for everyone, but it's a great idea. When put to the test, the Paper Shower worked nicely. The packages are slim and easy to stick in any travel bag, purse, backpack, or pocket. I've used standard moist towelettes before, but never liked feeling you get when you let your skin air dry after using them. The Paper Shower product allows you to easily wipe down after using the moist towelette. It worked beautifully and didn't leave me with a sticky or dry feeling that basic wipes might leave.

I'd recommend opening the dry (paper) towelette before using the moist one. It can be tricky to do with slippery fingers.

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