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Belkin Dual Auto Charger

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Belkin Dual Auto Charger

Belkin Dual Auto Charger


The Bottom Line

When it comes to charging my Apple iPhone 3GS fast and on the go, the Belkin Dual Auto Charger rocks. Unlike many car chargers, the Belkin Dual Auto Charger includes a quick-charge port for the fastest possible charge. It also includes a second USB charging port so you can charge two devices at once.


  • Two USB charging ports
  • Quick-charge port for fast charge
  • Heavy duty iPhone/iPod charging cable
  • Sturdy construction


  • The iPhone charging cable is 3 feet long. A foot longer would be better.
  • Charging cables come out from the plug at a 90-degree angle that may not conveniently fit all vehicl


  • A small single-plug auto power charger with two USB ports, including one rapid-charge port.
  • Includes a heavy duty 3-foot iPhone/iPod charging cable and a 3-foot mini USB charging cable.
  • Charges iPhone 3GS in about half an hour. Gives full charge even when using GPS and other power-hungry iPhone features.
  • Works with Motorola BlackBerry and any other mobile phone using mini-USB connections.
  • Works with newer and older iPhones and iPods.
  • Works with many other USB-power devices (check the charging requirements to make sure they match, though).
  • Soft blue power/charging light
  • Cost: $29.99

Guide Review - Belkin Dual Auto Charger

My iPhone sucks down power, especially when I'm using any of its advanced features, like the GPS, maps, Web browsing or even talking on the phone. Over the past year I've purchased a couple of cheap (less than $5) auto chargers for the iPhone and have never been happy with them. One barely seemed to charge the phone and the other stopped working after I purchased the iPhone 3GS. It was time for a real charger.

That's why I recently purchased the Belkin Dual Auto Charger. It's the most solid mobile charging device I've ever seen and based on my road-warrior testing, it delivers the goods. I've taken multiple trips with a barely-charged iPhone and 30 minutes later the phone is fully charged, even while using the GPS. In fact, the unit seems to charge at the super-fast rate of the new, mini wall charger that came with the iPhone, rather than the slow trickle-rate of a computer USB connection.

All-in-all, the Belkin Dual Auto Charger is a top-flight charger. It's fast, small, and good for multiple devices at the same time. It's a great addition to my road warrior kit.
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