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Review of the ShaveTech USB-powered Electric Shaver


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Review of the ShaveTech USB-powered Electric Shaver

ShaveTech USB Shavers


Business travelers need to look good on the road. You don't want to meet with clients or attend a conference looking scruffy. More specifically, male business travelers need to worry about their facial hair. If you're prone to a "five o'clock shadow," you probably have to shave before an evening meeting, dinner, or social engagement.

Usually, this means you've got to zip back to your hotel room, break out the shaving cream or unpack the bulky electric razor from home.

But that's where the ShaveTech USB-powered electric shaver comes in. The ShaveTech shaver is a about the size of a pack of playing cards and looks like an iPhone or mini camera. But it's really a USB-powered electric shaver. The device plugs into a standard USB port on your computer, or into a USB charger (like the one you have for your phone, perhaps), to charge. Once charged, business travelers can easily carry the shaver with them for a quick touch up, or use it as their dedicated travel shaver.


The ShaveTech USB-powered shaver is about the size of a slightly-thicker iPhone 4, or a about the size of deck of cards. The product comes in black or white colors, and has a cover that slides off to expose the shaving foil. There's an on-off switch on one side, and a compact USB charging dock on the bottom that plugs into your computer's USB port, or any other USB charger. The device has a small light that signifies it's charging.

A full charge will hold for about 30 minutes of shaving.

The product retails for $39.99.


  • The ShaveTech USB-powered shaver is small, lightweight, and convenient. It looks like a cross between a cell phone and a small camera and slips easily into carry-on bags, luggage, or a briefcase.
  • It also works well enough to function as a nice way for men to clean up quickly before a meeting or dinner.
  • The unit include a built-in USB plug, that can be used with a computer USB port, or other USB charger (like your iPhone charger). The plug swivels back into the shaver to stay conveniently out of the way when you're done.
  • Since the shaver charges via USB, it's great for international trips, since you won't need a power converter (as long as you're bringing along some USB-powered device).


  • The ShaveTech Electric Shaver is good for touch-ups and some basic grooming. Men with tough beards, or facial hair that needs tight finishing (mustaches, goatees, etc.) may want a more traditional electric or non-electric razor to get a real clean edge.
  • Users may want to make sure the pop the head off the unit and clean it before they charge it via the unit's USB plug, to make sure stray hair clippings don't end up in their laptop or USB charger.
  • I found the ShaveTech shaver good for basic grooming, but there were areas of my face that required multiple passes

Recommendations for Business Travelers

I would recommend the ShaveTech USB-powered electric shaver for male business travelers that want a quick and easy way to touch up/shave before a business meeting or social event. It may be able to replace more traditional options for short trips or for business travelers with lighter facial hair. Travelers that have heavier beards or more complex grooming needs may want to consider a more traditional shaving option. All-in-all, though, the unit worked well and have a nice high-tech feel.

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