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Review of the Fatcat PowerBar

Powering Up on the Go

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Review of the Fatcat PowerBar

External battery charger


Like most business travelers, I travel with plenty of power-hungry devices, like iPhones. But what frequently happens is a get close to running out of power. And when I do, it's usually just when I need it. I usually travel with lots of power chargers for hotels and cars, but when I'm out and about or in meetings, I don't always have a chance to use a power charger.

A great solution for this type of problem is to have an external, rechargeable battery pack. External battery packs allow business travelers to easily recharge electronic devices whenever and wherever they want.

The fatcat PowerBar is one good example of an external travel charger that provides enough power for a solid recharge for devices like an iPhone. The device is about the size of half a pack of playing cards. It's slim and light and fits easily in a pocket, briefcase, or suitcase. The product is mostly black with a silver front. It looks professional and slim.

The PowerBar is also simple to operate. There's only a single button on the front of the device to start charging. Blue indicator lights show when the battery is fully charged. The device also has a port on either side, one for input and charging via a USB cable, and one for output, for charging phones and other devices.


Thin design
4,200 mAh of power
Maximum output current: 700mA
Time required to recharge: 4-7 hours
Cycle life: up to 500 power cycles
Size: 4" by 2.4" by .05"
Weight 4 oz
24 month warranty
Works with most cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, GPSs, and PDAs
Easily rechargeable via USB cable
Output voltage: DC 5.0-5.5
Package includes PowerBar charger, travel case, master cord with two female connectors, and tips for popular cell phones and other devices
Compatible with iPhone 4/3GS/3G/iPod


Small and compact
Solid build
Easy to change connectors
Comes pre-charged for charging out of the package


There's not much to complain about when it comes to the fatcat PowerBar.

Recommendations for Business Travelers

The fatcat PowerBar travel charger is a slick little external battery for portable electronic devices. One particularly good thing about the PowerBar is that it comes pre-charged, out of the box for those emergency recharges. The build quality of the PowerBar seemed solid and the device worked well as advertised. Tips for popular devices (like iPhones) are included in the package, additional tips can be purchased.

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