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Amtrak's eVoucher Policies

Learn how to get and use Amtrak eVouchers


Amtrak's eVoucher Policies

Amtrak eVouchers are travel credits that are stored electronically. When passengers cancel some types of Amtrak tickets and travel, the resulting Amtrak refund may be put into an eVoucher for future travel use.

When eVouchers Apply
In general, cancelling an Amtrak ticket before a trip will result in a refund being applied in your original form of payment, minus any associated refund fees.

Amtrak will issue passengers eVouchers in a few specific circumstances. For example, Amtrak will provide an eVoucher when a printed ticket is exchanged and the new ticket is less expensive (resulting in a refund / credit balance to an eVoucher). An eVoucher for a downgraded ticket may still be refundable (minus any refund fees). Refund fees may be avoided by leaving the funds on the eVoucher.

Passengers will also be issued eVouchers if they don't make their train. Those vouchers may be possibly be refundable, depending on the fare. Penalties may apply for non-cancelation of sleeping car reservations.

Amtrak will also credit eVouchers when there's a schedule change or equipment substitution or cancellation and the passengers new fare is lower. However, there are no refund fees associated with these types of eVouchers.

Using an Amtrak eVoucher
Amtrak eVouchers may be used by the passenger and used against future travel. They can only be used by person who's named on the eVoucher. However, they can be used to purchase travel or tickets for a different person.

At the moment, eVouchers can only be used at Amtrak ticketing offices. They can't be used at Quik-Trak or online (www.amtrak.com) or by phone. You need to bring the eVoucher with you, along with identification.

Amtrak eVoucher Expiration
eVouchers are good for one year after they are issued. Refundable amounts on the eVoucher are good up until one year from the date of the original travel date.

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