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Amtrak's Fare Options

Learn about the different fare classes available on Amtrak


Amtrak cars sit in a rail yard on the southern edge of downtown March 13, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois.
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Over the past few years we've seen the airline industry segment and break apart its ticket and fee policies, so that now travelers are paying for everything from pretzels to carry-on bags. Luckily, it hasn't gotten that bad when it comes to train travel. But business travelers heading out on a train trip should know that Amtrak does offer a range of different fare options. It's best to understand them before booking a train trip on Amtrak.

Amtrak Fare Options
Amtrak now provides three different levels of fares for their trains. The categories can have different rules, restrictions, and refund policies, so it's good to pay attention.

Amtrak's three fare levels are: Saver, Value, and Flexible.

Amtrak's Saver level fare is its cheapest. Saver fares are usually 14-day advanced purchase tickets, web-only fares, flash sales, or other discounted fares. Unlike Amtrak's other fares, Saver fares are non-refundable (so make sure you want to take the trip!). However, Saver fares can be canceled (BEFORE the train departs) and a credit will be issued for future travel via Amtrak's eVoucher system. Saver fares are only available on some trains and some routes.

Amtrak's Value fares are a step up from Saver fares. They're more flexible and are fully refundable. Value fares can be refunded for a full refund 24 hours before departure. If you're within the 24 hours prior to departure, they are still refundable, but with a 10% refund fee. Passengers can also have the refund issued as an eVoucher credit if they want, for use on future Amtrak travel. Value fares are available on all Amtrak routes.

Amtrak's Flexible fares are the top of the line. They're fully refundable anytime before a trip, with no refund fee or penalty. Refunds can be issued back to credit cards or held as a credit on an e-voucher system. Flexible fares are available on many routes.

It's also useful to note that Amtrak offers Premium Service on some routes, such as the Acela Express First class or non-Acela business class. Premium service is in addition to the base fare and refund policies are based on the service.

You may also want to check Amtrak's baggage rules before a business train trip.

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