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Travel Packing List

Must-Haves for the Business Traveler


Sure, you've packed your first aid kit and all the clothes you need, but there are a few other items that can make your business journeys a little easier. Check out what I make sure to find room for in my carry-on bag with this travel packing list (of extras) for the business traveler.

1. Back Up Charger(s)

Sometimes, one charger just won't cut it. If having power for your gadgets is essential, carry both a plug-in charger and one that operates solely on batteries (like the iGo). Sometimes you just can't scare people away from the airport outlets, after all.

2. Wrinkle-Release Spray

I have an aversion to ironing, so those wrinkle-release sprays are my best travel companion. Spray your clothes and let them hang the night before you need them for best results, and be sure to check the care instructions on your garments before use. These sprays work best for casual clothes--if you have a big meeting or need a crisp suit, you'll still need to get out the steamer!

3. Back-Up Travel Documents

It seems like a pain in the neck, but if you make copies of all of your important travel documents once (license, passport, green card, etc.) you can store a set permanently in a pocket of your carry-on. Having copies available will save you a world of pain if you lose your identification, particularly when overseas. Leave a set at home, as well.

4. Customer Service Numbers

Keep a set of customer service and emergency contact numbers in your wallet (print them on a business card for easiest storage) in case you find yourself with a dead battery and a delayed or canceled flight (how bad is your luck gonna get?).

5. USB Memory Stick

Never leave home without a memory stick of some kind. N0t only is it great for storing back-up copies of that important presentation, but you can use it to get copies made easily at your hotel's business center or at a Kinko's. Look for a version that can attach to your key chain to avoid having one more thing to lose.
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