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Business Travel Luggage

Find Business Travel Luggage for Any Budget


If you need new luggage for business travel, check out these top store recommendations for getting the best price, selection and service. From department stores to online retailers, find luggage for your business travel needs - and budget - with this list of top luggage shops.

1. Macy's

What You'll Find:
A great selection of high-end luggage from names like Samsonite, Swiss Army, Delsey, Ricardo, Travelpro, Tumi and Hartmann.
  • Wide selection
  • Customer service
  • High end options have high prices to match
Shopping Tips: Never pay the full price for luggage at Macy's (or other department stores). Look for closeouts (which just means that a new model is coming, special promos or coupons.

2. eBags

What You'll Find:
A solid selection of brand-name luggage from Samsonite, Tumi, Travelpro, American Tourister, Skyway and more.
  • Varied selection
  • Opportunity for deals - the online retailer sometimes carries closout or overstocked items.
  • No chance to test out or feel the luggage before purchasing
  • No customer service help
Shopping Tips: Be sure to do some comparison shopping before clicking "buy" and don't forget to factor the cost of shipping for your orders.

3. Warehouse Clubs

What You'll Find:
Visit Costco, Sam's Club or BJ's for a rotating selection of quality luggage from names like Samsonite, Travelpro and private label lugggage shops.
  • Some of the best deals on luggage available
  • Limited selection
  • No customer service help
  • It can be hard to find single pieces of luggage - oftentimes, sets are all that are available
Shopping Tips: To get the best deal, do your research beforehand and be patient!

4. Walmart

What You'll Find:
A decent selection of brand-name luggage from American Tourister, Wenger, Jeep, and private label shops.
  • Best value for money
  • Better quality than you might expect
  • Less selection than department stores
  • No customer service help

5. Company Stores/Private Retailers

Samsonite, Victorinox (makers of Swiss Army luggage), and Tumi all have storefronts, where you will find the best selection and service for that particular brand. Private luggage shops (not exclusive retailers for any one brand) will offer the same expert customer service with a more varied (in terms of brands) selection.
  • Service
  • More options within a particular brand
  • Generally more expensive
  • Less cross-brand comparison
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