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Luggage and Packing Tips - What to Pack for Business Travel

From what to pack for a three-day business trip to finding travel-friendly business attire and accessories, About Business Travel can outfit your journey.

Travel Packing List
Sure, you've packed your first aid kit and all the clothes you need, but there are a few other items that can make your business journeys a little easier. Check out what I make sure to find room for in my carry-on bag with this travel packing list (of extras) for the business traveler.

Prevent Wrinkles On the Road
Learning how to prevent wrinkles is essential for the business traveler. Make sure you look presentable at your next meeting with these tips for how to prevent wrinkles.

Space-Saving Luggage Packing Tips
Most business travelers will do everything in their power to avoid checking a bag - even on extended trips. Fit everything you need into one carry-on bag with these luggage packing tips for business travelers.

Pack for a 10-Day Business Trip
Headed on an extended business trip? You don't need to check a bag - this packing list can help you go from meetings to the hotel gym, and everything in between, with just one carry-on suitcase.

Where to Shop for Luggage
If you need new luggage for business travel, check out these top store recommendations for getting the best price, selection and service. From department stores to online retailers, find luggage for your business travel needs - and budget - with this list of top luggage shops.

Buy Rolling Carry-On Luggage for Business Travel
What to Look for in Rolling Carry-On Luggage for Business Travel with these Tips.

Packing Essentials for Women
Business travelers learn to live for many days out of a suitcase that the rest of the world might call an "overnight bag." While that makes you easily mobile, it can also make you a wrinkled, un-stylish mess. Travel lightly - and look good doing it - with these travel essentials for women.

Rolling Carry-On Luggage for Business Travel
You need rolling luggage that will keep up with you - and your work schedule. There are four things you'll want to consider when shopping for a new piece of rolling luggage for business travel - learn what they are here.

Business Travel Clothes for Men
Every business trip is different, but you'll need certain essential clothing items for every journey. From blazers and wrinkle-free shirts to jeans and slip-on shoes, find out what to pack with this list of business travel clothing suggestions for men.

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster
These simple strategies for getting through airport security faster will help you shave precious minutes off of your business trip.

Time Saving Business Travel Tips
You can't help being on the road for work, but you can do something about how long your trip has to take. Check out these 10 time saving tips for business travelers, so you can spend less time on the travel, and more time on the business.

Airline Baggage Policies
Check your carrier's baggage policies - before you get to the airport - with this roundup of airline-by-airline fees and restrictions.

How to Pack to Avoid Checking Luggage
Those new baggage fees can add up. Avoid them altogether with these tips for packing everything you need into a carry-on bag. Form your About Guide to Hotels.

What to Pack for a Business Trip to Southeast Asia
Find out the average temps in Southeast Asia, and how to pack for your trip, with these tips from your About Guide to Southeast Asia Travel.

What to Do When Your Luggage Gets Lost
Lost luggage? Stay calm and check out these tips for getting it back safely.

Luggage Buys from eBags
From notebook cases to carry-ons, outfit your next business trip with new luggage from eBags.

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