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A Business Traveler's Guide to Los Angeles Hotels


Los Angeles is a city that has it all-fame, fortune, and fun. But it can be a bear to drive around (traffic is a killer), so make sure if you're coming to Los Angeles on business that you stay close to where your business is happening.

Make sure to also check out this Los Angeles business travel guide for great tips on transportation and more.

About.com's Guide to Los Angeles has compiled this list of nine favorite downtown hotels. To give you a flavor of LA's hotel options, below are reviews of three business-oriented hotels in different sections of Los Angeles

1. Best Western Sunset Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles

A cool, very Hollywood-like boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the Sunset Strip. Sandwiched in-between some very trendy, upscale hotels, the Best Western Sunset Plaza provides business travelers with a great way to get in on the action and catch a feel of real, old-fashioned Hollywood glamor, without breaking the bank. Personally, I really liked this hotel and can't wait to go back.

2. Best Western Carlyle Inn, Los Angeles, California

The Best Western Carlyle Inn is a small, boutique hotel located in Los Angeles near Beverly Hills. The hotel's 32 rooms and suites are centered around an open air atrium and sundeck.

While the Best Western Carlyle Inn in Los Angeles probably won't be my first choice for a Los Angele hotel (I’d probably prefer one a little closer to Sunset Boulevard) it's an appropriate choice for business travelers who need access to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Melrose or downtown Los Angeles. It is close to Beverly Center, a large mall with multiple restaurant options. It's also relatively close to Cedar Sinai Medical Center, and is located nearby a Jewish Temple.

3. Hilton Los Angeles Airport (LAX) Hotel, Los Angeles, California

The Hilton Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is a large, full-service hotel near the entrance to LAX that’s a solid bet for business travelers. It’s closer than some alternatives, has a frequent shuttle to the airport, and a range of eating options (from low to high). Its 24-hour gym is large and well-stocked with cardio and weight equipment. You might be able to save a little cash at nearby hotels like La Quinta or Four Points by Sheraton, but the Hilton is a good option for business travelers looking for a step up.
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