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From safety precautions for women to in-flight health and comfort, About Business Travel will keep you safe and healthy on the road.
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Tips on Street Smarts for International Travelers
Business travelers need to stay safe when traveling internationally. In this article, we interview Alex Puig, Regional Security Director for International SOS, about specific street smart tips for business travelers.

Tips for Traveling with Medicines
In this article, we interview travel insurance expert Dr. Myles Druckman, Senior VP of Medical Services for International SOS about specific tips that travelers should consider when packing medicine for a business trip.

Tips for Preventing Pain and Injury While Traveling
The last thing a business traveler needs while traveling an an injury. This article, by Angela Wilson Pennisi helps business travelers understand how to prevent pain and injury while traveling.

Tips for Staying Healthy on Business Trips
Learn the best tips for staying healthy on business trips--come back rested, exercised, and healthy!

Bringing The Fun Back to Business Travel
Business trips don't have to be just about business. They can also be fun. In this article, Michell Haase outlines some tips for keeping business travel fun.

Traveling for Business When You Have a Disability
This article provides an overview and tips for business travelers with disabilities.

What to do if You Get Sick While Traveling
Coming down with a cold, developing a fever, or catching a stomach bug is annoying anytime, but it can be inconvenient or even dangerous if it happens to you while you’re away from home—especially if your business travel takes you to other countries. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Travel Safety Tips
While most travel safety tips apply equally to men and women, the fact is that women are more vulnerable to certain types of crimes on the road. These travel safety tips will help ensure your well-being on the road.

A Review of On Call International Medical and Travel Assistance
Review of On Call International Medical Assistance, a program that provides medical and travel assistance for travelers.

Tips for Buying Medicine Overseas
Tips for Buying Medicine Overseas

Green Travel Tips
Refusing to travel altogether is one way to go green, but if you need to keep your job, traveling may be unavoidable. These green travel tips can help you reduce your carbon footprint while you're on the road for work.

Travel First Aid Kit
Pack your own travel first aid kit - particularly for international business trips. You can never count on having access to the same OTC drugs in every country. Be prepared for anything with this packing list for a travel first aid kit.

Diet Tips for Business Travelers
From fast food to room service, business travelers face a lot of unhealthy temptations on the road. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to abandon your diet when you're traveling for work. Learn how to make healthier choices with these easy tips.

Travel Advisory Warnings - Official CDC Updates
Find out if the Centers for Disease Control have any particular warnings or advisories you need to know about before your trip. Search easily by locale.

8 Safety Tips for Women
Stay safe on the road with these safety tips for female business travelers, from iVillage.com.

How to Get Rid of Jet Lag
Cure jet lag - fast - with these tried and true tips.

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