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Business Travel Basics


From booking your trip to packing and choosing your seat, plan your next business travel journey with insider tips from those who travel the road with you each day.
  1. Getting Started
  2. Airline Basics
  3. What to Pack
  4. Time Savers
  5. Conventions and Meetings

Getting Started

From the best sites for booking your flight to up-to-the-date airport information, find everything you need to book and plan your next business trip.

Airline Basics

Southwest Airlines

Get from home base to destination - and back again - with our air travel toolkit.

What to Pack

Business Travel Essentials

From choosing the best luggage to finding travel-friendly business attire and accessories, About Business Travel can outfit your journey.

Time Savers

Spend less time on the road with simple strategies for shaving time off of each trip.

Conventions and Meetings

While many business travelers travel for individual client or prospect meetings, a great deal of us also travel for conventions or group meetings. About.com's Business Travel section now includes information on convention sites, convention hotels, and off-site activities that can help make business meetings more effective.

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