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Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

On-the-Road Gift Ideas


Being on the road for work is no excuse for not gifting your partner on Valentine's Day. Whether you need to send a gift from afar, or need a last-minute gift idea you can pick up on your way home, look no further than this handy round-up of last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas.

1. Shop Online

Even if you are going to be away on Valentine's Day, you aren't off the hook. At the very least, send flowers to arrive on the holiday, with a note that the real gift will come later (this will buy you time to set up a nice dinner or buy something more thoughtful). If you wake up on the 14th with no plan in action, you can still call for same-day delivery from sites such as 1-800-flowers.com or FTD.com. If you have at least a day or two, you can send jewelry (you can't lose with diamonds) to your spouse from BlueNile.com, a fine jewelry and diamond retailer. Their free overnight FedEx shipping policy can help you save face - and a few pennies this Valentine's Day.

2. Shop at the Airport Terminal

You are on your way home - empty handed. Don't panic; you can put together a gift right from the airport. Consider:
  • A gift basket of regional foods, teas, etc.
  • Find a spa shop and load up on bubble bath, candles and other body-soothing goodies.
  • Find the video/music store and buy CDs or DVDs that remind you of your partner; write a note to accompany each.
  • Hit the airport bookstore and buy a travel guide for a locale you have both wanted to visit and attach a note that a trip is in the works. This gift can be as extravagant (two weeks touring Italy) or wallet-friendly (a night at a cozy B&B a few hours drive from home) as your finances and vacation schedule will allow.
  • At the very least, buy a card and write something nice!

3. Shop on the Way Home

You remember - on the drive home - that it's Valentine's Day. These ideas can help you avoid walking in the door empty handed, even if it's late at night:
  • At the grocery store, grab the fixings for an ice cream sundae for two (sure, she'll know it's last minute, but chocolate sauce is a great distraction).
  • If red roses are sold out, consider an orchid or other flowering plant.
  • At the drugstore, fill a gift bag with pampering items - body scrubs, bubble bath, scented candles, etc. You'll get extra points if you offer your services for a massage, manicure or pedicure.
  • If your spouse is expecting a dinner, pick up a prepared meal, buy a tablecloth and candles, and say you planned a romantic picnic (it's worth a shot!).
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