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What is Bulkhead Seating?



There are plenty of options when it comes to airline seating. And nowadays, airlines are getting pretty tricky with how they're charging for different seats. Seats with more legroom cost more. Seats up front cost more. There are all kinds of variations, depending on which airline you're flying. Of course, if you want to travel cheaply check out these ways to save money on airfares, according to About.com's Guide to Budget Travel.

Bulkhead seating is a term that refers to the seats that are immediately behind the bulkheads (or walls) of an airplane that separate first class from coach or one section from another.

Bulkhead seats may not have as much legroom as other seats--or--they may have more. It depends on the plane and the seating configuration. Generally since they don't have seats in front of them, they will have a different configuration for the tray table. In bulkhead seats, tray tables will usually be stowed in the seat handle, rather than dropping from the seat in front (since there isn't one).

Bulkhead seats will also typically have less storage, since you're not allowed to keep your carry on items on the floor in front of you. You'll have to stow them in the overhead compartment.

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