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How to Survive Business Travel


From staying fit to dining out and keeping in touch, these tips will help you survive on the road.
  1. City Guides
  2. Business Travel Gadgets
  3. Safety While Traveling
  4. Health and Fitness on the Go

City Guides

New York City for Business Travel

Never get lost on a business trip again! From New York to Hong Kong, find your way around the major business centers of the world with transportation and communication tips from About Business Travel.

Business Travel Gadgets

The business traveler has a mobile office. From computers and cell phones to PDAs and chargers, find top gadget picks for staying connected (and productive) on the road.

Safety While Traveling

From safety precautions for women to in-flight health and comfort, About Business Travel will keep you safe and healthy on the road.

Health and Fitness on the Go

From sticking to your diet to surviving a long flight and working out, stay healthy and fit on the road with these tips.

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