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Business Travel Planner for Chicago

Make the most of your time and money while visiting Chicago


Chicago is an incredible city and a key business center for the Midwest. That means that sooner or later most business travelers will find themselves with in Chicago.

That's why we've created this City Guide for Chicago. It provides business travelers with all the information they need to plan a successful trip to Chicago. Of course, it also provides insights into how enjoy yourself while you're there as well—from events and activities to the best rooftop bars.

Where to Stay

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Where to stay. That's the question when it comes to Chicago. There are no end of options. From fancy hotels in the center of the Magnificent Mile shopping district to downtown Chicago hotels to hotels near Grant park and all its activities. Of course, you can also select an upscale luxury hotel. Chicago has plenty of them.

Confused? Don't be. Here's a complete overview of the different Chicago hotel options for business travelers.

How to Get Around

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Chicago's a pretty navigable city. If you're mainly going to be downtown, the buses and trains and taxis can pretty quickly move you around.  To make it easy, we've pulled together a complete list of the transportation options for business travelers to Chicago.

What to Do

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Unless you're just in Chicago for the day, there's a good chance you'll have some time after work to explore the city. To help business travelers plans their free time better, we've created this overview of things to do in Chicago. From the best rooftop bars to the nitty-gritty on Chicago's different neighborhoods, we'll help you feel at home in one of America's biggest cities.

Where to Eat

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Although it's in the Midwest, Chicago has a huge range of culinary options. You can always get some real comfort food at one of the ballparks (I prefer the Cubs), but when it comes to business lunches or dinners, it's nice to have something a little nicer. Here are some of Chicaog's finest restaurants, from About.com's Guide to Chicago.

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