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Car Rentals - Booking, Preferred/Rewards Programs, and Reviews

Need a car for your next business trip? From avoiding long lines at the car rental office to making the most of rewards programs, our reviews and tips can get you in your car and on your way.
  1. Rental Car Discounts

Save Money on Car Rentals
Car rentals are getting more expensive. With additional fees such as energy surcharges, stadium fees, and cancellation charges becoming the norm, you may have noticed that your bill looks heftier than usual. Spare a few dollars where you can with these tips for saving money on car rentals.

Sign Up for Car Rental Rewards
Car rental loyalty programs might not seem worth your time, since some don't even give you free car rentals with membership. The perks, however - shorter lines, reserved cars, partner programs - make signing up for car rental rewards programs well worth your time. This list can get you signed up before your next road trip.

Amtrak Train Service
Find route, ticketing and rewards information for Amtrak train service.

Book Car Rentals Online
Book a car for your next business trip with these top online booking sites.

Car Rental GPS Systems
How to get a GPS system with your rental car, from your About Guide to GPS.

5 Ways to Save on Your Rental Car
Whether your company is footing the bill or you are, there are ways to shave dollars off of your car rental.

New England Car Rental Chains
Traveling to, or around, New England? Rent a car with this roundup of popular New England car rental companies.

Rent a Car with Expedia
Compare prices and find the best rental car deals through Expedia.com.

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