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Budgeting & Expenses - Tax Tips, Keeping Track of Expenses, More

From organizing your business travel receipts to sticking to a corporate budget, About Business Travel can make money matters easier.

Finding Value in Business Travel
A study of 15 major industries has found that business travel drives sales and produces big profits, and cutting back may be a mistake.

Save Money on Business Travel Flights
You can't generally haggle for a lower price on an airline ticket (unless you use a bidding site), but there are a few habits that can help you find the lowest price possible for an airline ticket. Check out these easy tips for saving money on your business travel flights.

Save Money on Business Travel
From keeping better track of your expenses to taking advantage of hotel freebies, these tips can help you save money on business travel.

NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing System, Version 4.0
Organize your receipts on the road with NeatReceipts, a mobile scanner and digital filing system.

American Express Platinum Card for Business Travelers
For the business traveler, the American Express Platinum card offers indispensable travel perks, including travel assistance, airport lounge access and more. Read my review to find out more about how the American Express Platinum Card can make business travel easier.

Track Expenses with the Jott Money Management Tool
Your About Guide to Financial Software explains how you can use the speech-to-text features of Jott to keep track of expenses when you are on the road.

Quicken 2008 for Business and Personal Expenses
Learn if Quicken 2008 is the money management system for your business needs with help from your About Guide to Financial Software.

A Filing System for Business Receipts
Stop stuffing receipts from your business trips in random places! Your About Guide to Small Business (Canada) can help you create an organized filing system.

NEAT Receipts - Review of NEAT Receipts
Read this review of the NEAT receipts organizer and scanner before you buy. From your About Guide to Financial Software.

Track Expenses with NEAT Receipts
Scan business travel receipts and stay organized on the road with the handy products from NEAT Receipts.

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