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Know Your Airline Fares

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Ever wonder about all those different fares that airlines have? Here's two more: open return fares and excursion fares.

Business Travel to Iran

Tuesday April 15, 2014

While it's still an unusual place to head to for business travel, some business people actually do visit Iran for business. And if, by chance, you're one of those business travelers heading to Iran, it would be worth your while to read our latest article on cultural tips for business trips to Iran.

Miraval - A Unique Corporate Meeting Location

Tuesday April 15, 2014

As a business traveler, things start to look the same after a while. Airports, rental cars, hotels. That's why the location of a business meeting or group event can have a big impact on the results. It's also why business leaders might want to consider Arizona's luxury spa Miraval as the location for their next meeting or event. For more information, read the full review of Miraval.

Nonstop Flights

Saturday March 8, 2014

When you're traveling by air, you want a nonstop flight, not a direct flight. Just remember, there's a difference! And while you're at it, see if you know what excursion fares are.

Cultural Tips for the Philippines

Saturday March 8, 2014

Making a business trip successful requires lots of planning, hard work, and some good luck. If you're heading out on a business trip to Asia, and in particular, the Philippines, it makes sense to make sure you understand the culture before you land. Cultural differences can make a big difference, especially when it comes to sealing a business deal. Read my interview with cultural travel specialist Ms. Gayle Cotton for her top cultural tips for business trips to the Philippines.

Review of the Woodstock Inn, Vermont

Saturday March 8, 2014

Sometimes it's nice to get away after a busy business trip. If you're heading to New England or Boston on business, you might want to consider adding on a couple of days to visit the Woodstock Inn. The Woodstock Inn is a AAA four-diamond resort located in Woodstock, Vermont. The hotel was opened in 1969 as part of Laurance Rockefeller's collection of luxury resorts (RockResorts), but it's been continually updated with modern amenities and services, including its brand-new Spa. For all the insights, read my complete review of the Woodstock Inn.

American Airlines Online Check In

Friday February 14, 2014

I frequently fly on American Airlines, since they have great service out of Boston's Logan Airport and end up flying to a lot of the cities that I typically go to. When I do fly American, I use their online check in service to streamline my trip.

American Airlines

See my tips on using American Airlines online check-in for more details. And just so you know, you can change seats after checking in!

Hyatt Times Square Review

Thursday February 13, 2014

Heading to New York City and are looking for a hotel that's near Times Square, but not in it? The brand new Hyatt Times Square might be just the ticket (or, TKTS, that is...). Read my full review of the Hyatt Times Square for all the details. Or, if you just want to see some highlights, check out my hotel design review of the Hyatt Times Square. Find out what I liked (and something I didn't) about the new Hyatt Times Square.

Review of IOGEAR MediaShair Hub

Thursday February 13, 2014

As a business traveler, I find that sometimes I need to share my digital media (anything from slides to documents to movies) with multiple clients, prospects, or other travelers.


That's where the IOGEAR MediaShair Hub comes in. The compact and light unit allows users to easily share or stream digital media files (like movies) to up to seven different users at the same time. Read my full review of the IOGEAR MediaShair Hub for all the details. (photo: IOGEAR)

Business Tips for Trips to Italy

Tuesday February 11, 2014

If you're lucky enough to take a business trip to Italy, there's no doubt you should also take in some sights, enjoy the food, and experience the culture. But it also makes sense to make sure you understand potential cultural differences before you hit the ground. That's why I recently interviewed Gayle Cotton, an expert on cultural differences, who provided these important cultural tips for business travelers heading to Italy.


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